Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Stone Marten

For gaining experience in my field of interest (and making some money ;) ), I am working as an ecological consultant. Doing fieldwork and writing reports, that kind of stuff. A lot of the fieldwork consists of monitoring bats, so nightwork. For a large project in the north of Limburg I had to monitor a large forested area.
On the 30th of June 2011 I was in a sub-area and had already done some rounds for bats. Suddenly I heard a small animal flushing, a quick scan with the flashlight returned 3 pairs of eyes! I was slowly approaching the animals, keeping the pair of eyes in sight with my dimmed flashlight. When I was closer to the animals, I finally got a good sight of them, it were young Stone Martens (Martes foina)! They were curiously hiding and keeping me in sight: what is that creature, what is he doing!
When I got closer and the animals become more trusted with me, one started to forage and keep contact with the others by softly snarling. I only had my recorder and not my microphone, but I still managed to make some quite awesome sound recordings. There aren't that many of them!

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