Tuesday, 26 March 2013

First recording of the year! (shame..)

Well, it has been way to long since I wrote something down on the blog. Well in fact it has been way to long since I've been sound recording. In the meantime I bought a 'dead-cat' so I'm eager to try it out. However, it has been extremely windy here in the Netherlands, and me living on Texel isn't going to help.. For example: I guess the wind hasn't been less than 5 Beaufort in a couple of weeks...

A few weeks ago I went with my girlfriend to Rome for a long weekend off. Didn't take my mic with me, but did bring my recorder! You never know. On the most beautifull day we went to Via Appia, a long and ancient road outside Rome. Although my girlfriend is not a birder, she has the patience to wait for me whilst recording. A pair of Italian Sparrows couldn't bother as well and the male was advertising just above me in a bush. I was happy!

I came home, loaded the recording and to my fear the volume was doing weird things.. After each loud tone, the rest was more silent. It was really annoying to listen at. I was affraid that the recorder broke down.. So I tested everything, made dummy recordings, listened to other recordings but only these new recordings were acting weird... I put it away, little bit annoyed.

Today, I was listening music and there it was again! So it had to be settings on the computer (also a new one)! Fixed it, Looked up the Italian Sparrow (Passer italiae) and yes! Here it is:

Cannot imagine it doesn't differ from House Sparrow, who will work out the differences in these vocabulair rich birds?

Soon spring will arrive in the Netherlands and with day length increasing I will most likely spend more time in the field. Then from 29 April onwards I will go for fieldwork in Korgalzhyn area, Kazakhstan for 3 months. I guess there is stuff to do there as well, no Sociable Lapwing recording yet on XC. Will keep you updated (either this blog or our project-blog: blacklarks.blogspot.com)