Sunday, 8 September 2013

Botney Cut Experience

From Thursday 5 September untill Saturday morning 7 September we joined a pelagic to the Botney Cut. Somewhere in between The Netherlands and Great Brittain. The weather was quite gentle, though on friday morning we had dense fog.. Nothing to see then, but the Fulmars did smell the chum we made and were tricked by the fish oil.

We tried to lay still for about 30 minutes while we put the fish oil in the water. In no time we had a group of 50 Northern Fulmar's (Fulmaris glacialis) around us! They were sometimes quite curious and approached the boat while swimming. When they were fighting for a piece, they produced growling sounds. I managed to record it, but nothing really well. Enough to share:

And another nice thing: in the same area a group of Common Murre (Uria aalge) were foraging on Mackerel. The coolest part was that they were still feeding their youngsters! So when an adult caught a fish, they were actively calling for their young. Nice one!

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